Why Buy Physical Gold?

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Complete Ownership Of The Metal You Purchase

Gold has been money for thousands of years. Gold remained as one of the most popular investment vehicle and played an important role of gold reserves in central banks nowadays. It also serves the needs and self interests of all subject. Due to the inherited nature, gold performed extensively as inflation hedge, medium of exchange, wealth insurance, recognized currency unit and safe heaven during financial crisis or potential currency meltdown. 

Gold and Silver prices have been steadily rising. In fact, over the long run, relative value of bullion has proven to be very stable in the past 100 years. The purchasing power of gold, compared to the other major currencies, such as Euro and US dollar, increased significantly.


1) Preserve your purchasing power

Purchasing power is the amount of goods or services that can be purchased with a unit of currency. If a person's income stays the same, but the price leverl increases, the purchasing power of that income falls.

Historically, buying gold and silver is considered as an excellent way to preserve purchasing power. One ounce of gold now still remain almost the same purchases as it did 100 years ago. However, due to the economic downturn and the currency meltdown, central banks and governments have st a long-term trend of currency debasement. The value of $1 US dollar will strongly erode over time.


2) Diversify your investment

Bullion, such as gold bars or silver coins, which are known as the tangible assets investment sector and it is an important hedge against stock market volatility. Bullion does not react to the same market conditions that affect stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. Precious metals lack counterparty risk, which makes them reliable stores of value in times of financial crisis or stock market downturn.


3) Inflation hedge against economic and political crisis

Government spending has created the biggest debt hole ever. The Fed has stepped in to buy massive quantities of government bonds. In order to fund this unprecedented spending, the Fed created money out of thin air. What does that mean? Well, one word: "INFLATION". However, it is not anything new. It has happened over and over in many countries in many years. Bullion is treated as inflation hedge and safe heaven in times of economic uncertainty. That's why gold and silver prices are increasing, and they are foreseen to move even higher in the future.


4) 100% Ownership of the metal you purchase

In contrast to exchange traded funds (ETFs) or certificates and other forms of paper gold, when you purchase physical gold or silver, you actually hold and own 100% of the metals. You are free to trade or sell the precious metals anywhere anytime. At Suncorp Gold, we only sell physical bullion, we do not sell certificate.




Best Seller

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Gold Maple Leaf Coin

First issued in 1979, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins has become one of the most popular .9999 pure gold bullion coin. The coin is internationally recognized for its highest standard in purity and quality. The coins are minted with materials from gold mines in Canada, produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and guaranteed by the government of Canada. One side features the maple leaf, and the other side shows Queen Elizabeth II. It holds a face value of C$50.


Diameter – 30 mm

 Thickness – 2.73 mm

 Weight – 31.15 g

 Purity – .9999

Face Value – $50 CAD


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Gold Bar

.9999 fine gold bar is the perfect choice with low premium for physical bullion buyers. Suncorp Gold distribute various reputable gold bullion from the best refiners worldwide.


Weight - 1 oz / 5 oz / 10 oz 

Purity - .999+ 


silver bar 100 oz

Silver Bar

.999 fine silver bar is the best choice for physical silver buyers. Suncorp Gold distribute reputable silver bars from Royal Canadian Mint, J&M, and Engelhard. 


Weight - 10 oz / 100 oz

Purity - .999